Water Features / Ponds

Residential and commercial property owners in Northern Indiana or Southwest Michigan should have water features and ponds on their properties. Such outdoor amenities are guaranteed to not only provide a relaxing respite during hot and humid days and nights, but also beautify a property and even increase its resale value.

And here at Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete, we guarantee you exquisite ponds and other water features that are definitely out of the ordinary.

Various Water Features to Choose from

Water Features/Ponds Water features are a must-have in any home or commercial establishments because of the wonderful benefits that they bring. Pools, for example, allow families to take a dip and be refreshed during the summer and create a tighter family bond. Pools are likewise a staple in hotels and other hospitality-related establishments since they let guests and patrons relax and unwind.

Fortunately, we have the expertise required to install every imaginable water feature that our clients need. From small ponds to Olympic-sized swimming pools, you can trust in our ability to create stunning water features that you can be truly proud of having. Here are some of the features that we can design and build:

  • Waterfalls. Seeing and hearing flowing water are known to provide therapeutic and relaxing effect apart from ushering in good luck to both businesses and homes. These are the reasons why waterfalls are such a hit among commercial and residential property owners. We can create natural-looking waterfalls that could either be the pondless type or the typical ones with a small pond at the base.

  • Fountains. Fountains are perfect for driveway rotundas and patio gardens since they serve as interesting focal points that are guaranteed to captivate onlookers.

  • Streams. If you have a fair-sized outdoor area and you want to make it more nature-like, we suggest having some small streams in strategic places. We can design gentle slopes and grass-covered banks to create a truly authentic look and feel.

Our Pond Creations

Another expertise of Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete is creating beautiful ponds. This type of water feature comes in various options with specific benefits and intended area of use. Among the pond types that we create are:

Water Features/Ponds
  • Rock ponds. Using premium rocks from our partner suppliers, we can create stunning rock ponds complete with moss-covered stones and larger rocks. We can arrange the rocks and stones in such a way that they will appear very natural.

  • Fish ponds. We can create fish ponds with various species of colorful fish. We can build you a koi pond, for example, since koi fishes are one of the most preferred species for such water feature.

  • Garden ponds. For a truly nature-like setting, you can choose the garden pond variety. This pond type features mesmerizing plants and flowers that will render the onlookers breathless with their sheer beauty.

These pond types are guaranteed to set the right mood in the landscape or become focal points that your family and guests will surely notice and appreciate. These ponds are complete with all the features like bog plants, accent rocks, and ferns. And if you have a specific addition in mind, we can gladly accommodate it and have it included in the pond that we’ll create for you.

Call us today and let us build the best water features and ponds for your property.
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