Hardscapes New Buffalo, MI

Hardscapes New Buffalo, MI Decorative Brick Pavers Concrete, Inc. has been transforming properties into beautiful and more useful areas. We do this by designing and installing various hardscape features and amenities, such as stone walls, brick patios, decks, arbors, and pathways. These hardscapes make an outdoor area more than just a nice place for beautifully arranged trees, shrubs, and flowers. They are effective in turning landscapes into orderly, functional, and attractive areas.

Call us today and let our expert designers and installers work on your desired hardscape features. We have already built countless hardscapes for clients in New Buffalo, Mishawaka, Granger, and Joseph.

The Right Hardscape Elements

Our main goal is to improve the aesthetics and function of your landscape. We make it possible by adding beautiful and sturdy structures in strategic areas around your property. Here are some of hardscapes that we can create for you:

Hardscapes New Buffalo, MI
  • Walkways. Walkways must be strategically located and should be made from premium materials. They improve the aesthetic appeal of a landscape and, at the same time, enhance its functionality. Garden steps also offer the same benefits.

  • Pool Decks. We make your pool area safer and more attractive by installing pool decks. With a professionally designed deck, your outdoor activities will be more fun and exciting.

  • Retaining Walls. Installing retaining walls on slope areas results in more useful outdoor spaces. We can build tiered walls, accent walls, and sitting walls.

  • Fireplaces and Fire Pits. Having a spot in the outdoors to warm you during cold days and nights is always a good landscape improvement. Your great option is to allow us to design and install fireplaces and fire pits in strategic areas in your landscape.

  • Water Features. Water adds charm and unique ambiance to a landscape. We can add a water fountain, a koi pond, or a cascading waterfall.

  • Wood Structures. Wood elements add a different ambiance in the outdoor area. And here at Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete, we can create that ambiance by installing various wood features, such as wooden pathways, decks, pergolas, arbors, or gazebos. We have woodwork professionals who can expertly build these structures.

The hardscapes mentioned above are just some of the features and amenities that we can work on. Just tell us your needed features, and we’ll create them for you.

Hardscapes New Buffalo, MI

Use of Premium Hardscaping Materials

The longevity of the hardscape structures largely depend on the quality of materials used. That’s why we only recommend and use premium quality materials for all our projects in New Buffalo and other areas we serve. They will not only provide your needed functionality but also improve the aesthetics of a landscape. For example, our pavers are sourced from the leading manufacturer in the country- Belgard. It is our brand of choice because of its quality products and versatile applications. The pavers can be used for various hardscaping projects, like driveways, walkways, patios, and decks.

The Best Hardscaping Crews

We are known in New Buffalo, MI and surrounding areas for our expertise in designing and installing hardscapes. We can provide this kind of work because of the unmatched skills of our hardscaping crews who have lengthy experience in this field. Their completed projects include typical to complex hardscaping projects in residential and commercial properties.

Let Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete turn your landscape into a livable and stunning outdoor space. Connect with us today at (269) 469-1377.
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