Fireplaces / Firepits

Fireplaces/Firepits Adding fireplaces and fire pits to your backyard can make your stay at home all the more comfortable and entertaining. We at Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete would be more than happy to help make your outdoor living space more inviting throughout the year.

We build and install pre-built and customized fireplaces and fire pits in all counties within Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana.

Fireplaces: A Backyard’s Main Point of Interest

Fireplaces are considered as more of a commitment since they are built or installed permanently. These can be great focal points in any outdoor space, and the mere sight of them can be naturally inviting. Complemented with seating elements, they could become welcoming spots for entertaining guests. They allow you to have conversations up until the sun goes down without having to worry about darkness setting in or the wind getting a bit chilly.

With fireplaces, you can instantly have a source of illumination and warmth, while they serve as beautiful points of focus.

Fire pits: The Perfect Accent for Any Outdoor Space

Fire pits are ideal for those who prefer something a little easier in the pocket. We can build or install built-in as well as portable fire pits, whichever suits your lifestyle. The great thing about a built-in fire feature is that it is a stunning centerpiece for intimate activities, as well as for elaborate gatherings. Here are some of the benefits of this fire feature:

  • Can be a place for cooking and eating as it serves as a perfect barbecue or marshmallow roasting spot.

  • Portable fire pits can be moved from one spot of your backyard to another, making it easy to bring warmth to any place that best suits them.

  • Because it is smaller than a fireplace, it requires fewer materials and less work to build or install; thus it is a great choice for the budget-conscious homeowners.

Making the Right Choice

Fireplaces/Firepits Choosing between a fireplace and a fire pit can be quite challenging. It is important to understand that a fireplace is a great focal point and a fire pit can accent any type of backyard. Style is also one thing that requires deep consideration. Choosing the right style of fire feature may make or break the beauty and function of any outdoor space. As much as possible, we try to match the design of these fire features with the home to create an architectural connection.

You can also choose from a wide array of brick or natural stone designs and colors in building these features. If you opt for pre-built types, we can most certainly accommodate your needs as we have partnered with Belgard and Unilock in order to provide quality, durable, and visually stimulating fire features.

Quality Fire Features You Can Count On for Years

Decorative Brick Pavers is more than just a pavers company. We are your partners when it comes to improving your home and enhancing its beauty and function. We have no plans of merely meeting your standards but to go beyond your expectations with our skill, expertise, and professionalism.

Whether you are in Ottawa, Kalamazoo, Lake County, Porter County, or anywhere within the regions of Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana, we look forward to handling your dream fireplaces and fire pits. Why wait? Call us today!
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