Patios / Walkways

Patios/Walkways For residential and commercial property owners in Southwest Michigan or Northern Indiana who are looking for a reliable landscaping company to create patios and walkways for them, Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete is the answer. We have been creating durable, functional, and stunning concrete structures for countless clients for the last 20 years, making us a highly trusted company. Call us today to know more about the professional design and build services that we offer.

Our Patios: What Makes Them Special

We can design Italian patios complete with exquisite porches and wrought-iron chairs and tables. We can place a stunning fountain in the middle of the patio and complement it with a fire feature of your choice for a truly relaxing ambience.

Additionally, we can create modern, contemporary designed patios with edgy look and feel, perfect for those who want an upbeat landscape. We can include colorful lounge chairs, modern outdoor dining set, and perhaps a granite fireplace for an interesting fusion of luxury and modern living look.

Using premium quality pavers by trusted partner suppliers Belgard and Unilock, we can create beautiful patio surfaces and structures, such as sitting walls, fire pits, and columns. Our patios are not the run-of-the-mill types, but are the types one can see in posh properties. We can design them according to your preferences or simply let our designers work on several design studies for your approval. Whichever way you want it done, we can guarantee you a patio that you will be truly proud of.

Stunning Walkways

Patios/Walkways We don’t create ordinary looking walkways. What we create are ones with curb appeal to evoke a free-flowing movement across your landscape. These hardscapes can serve as a guide in leading guests to the various areas on the landscape, including a walkway leading to the patio, the pool, the outdoor kitchen, or the garden. They can also be fashioned as a jogging path to let you spend time with your loved ones jogging around your property during your free time.

Our walkways are guaranteed to handle heavy foot traffic and to prevent accidental slip-and-fall with their textured surface. As with our patio creations, we can also incorporate some curb appeal to your walkway for added impact and beauty. Moreover, we can place different patterns and designs along the way for a truly fun walking and jogging experience.

Hire Us

Wherever you may be in Southwest Michigan or Northern Indiana, all you have to do is give us a call or drop by our office during business hours. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to hear your specific design requirements and schedule an appointment with our creative team for the initial design work.

Whether you need European-inspired patios for your restaurant or you want a series of paver walkways for your residential property, we will surely build you the structure of your choice. With our steady partnerships with trusted industry suppliers, we can easily give you the exact look and feel that you want for your patio or walkway. Additionally, our skilled workers are all trained to meticulously follow client specifications, so you’ll get the results that you expect.

For stunning and functional patios and walkways that will last for decades, contact Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete right now.
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