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Home and commercial property owners in Southwest Michigan to Northern Indiana know that a beautiful landscape completes the overall appearance of their estates. They are also aware that it can ease the tired mind and senses. Here are some more reasons why homeowners want to have a stunning landscaped area:

Landscape/Landscape Lighting
  • Adds to your home’s value. Real estate agents agree that the more beautiful the landscape, the higher its price becomes. In fact, surveys show that a 4-5% increase in resale value has been observed on properties with awesome landscapes than simple gardens.

  • Saves energy costs. A carefully designed area with properly arranged plants and trees can cut your electricity bill for heating and cooling by as much as 25%. It can also give you more savings as heaters and air conditioners function better.

  • Provides a beautiful rest and recreation area. What’s more wonderful than being able to play with your kids and loved ones among towering trees, beautiful plants, and flowers? Add the tickly feeling as your bare feet touch the grass, and you’re in for a very relaxing moment with the people who matter most to you.

  • Promotes health and wellness. Aside from breathing fresh, clean air, a few minutes of gardening has been found to increase blood circulation, minimizes stress, and even helps surgical wounds to heal faster.

We at Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete want you to gain these benefits. That’s why we strive hard to give you landscaped areas that exude with beauty, warmth, and functionality.

What We Offer

We give you the landscape that you deserve by considering each phase of the entire landscaping process carefully. Here are some of the tasks that we can do:

  • Landscape installation. Our horticulturists know which plants and trees are suitable for the climate and the soil qualities of Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana areas. And we know which species will coexist with others to increase your area’s beauty and functionality.

  • Water features. We know that proper installation of water features, irrigation, and drainage systems can either beautify or mar a landscape. Even a slight increase or decrease in water distribution can cause plants and grass to die due to drought or flooding.

  • Hardscapes. Each of our hardscapes is designed to harmonize with the overall theme of your landscape. We can build patios, walkways, decks, and other masonry structures in a landscape.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape/Landscape Lighting Your breathtaking landscape should look equally awesome when darkness falls. This can be possible by allowing us to install your landscape lighting. Rest assured that we do it with your safety and convenience in mind.

Our team of experts can install all kinds of lighting: down lights, spotlights, path lights, accent lights, security lights, back lights, specialty lights--name it and we’ll install it for you.

We Can Turn Your Dreams into Reality

To achieve this, we know that we have to have the best materials and manpower. We are proud that our materials come from our reliable partners, Belgard and Unilock, two of the most reputable landscaping materials suppliers in the country today.

Moreover, all our workers are licensed and well-experienced in all aspects of landscape design, installation, and lighting. We have trained them well in the use of our advanced tools and equipment to guarantee the success of every project we undertake.

Call us now to start reaping the benefits that only a well-designed landscape can provide.
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