Outdoor Living Granger, MI

Outdoor Living Granger, IN Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete Inc. is Northern Indiana's outdoor living specialist. For years, we have been helping property owners in Granger and Mishawaka achieve outstanding outdoor spaces with the various features and amenities that we design and build. We also offer our specialized services to residents of New Buffalo and Joseph in Michigan.

Hire us today so we can also transform specific areas in your property into beautiful outdoor living spaces. You can drop by at our office or call us at (800) 337-2171. Our friendly personnel will be more than glad to answer your queries and concerns.

Custom Design and Expert Installation

At Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete Inc., we don't offer typical designs or install subpar outdoor features on clients' properties. Our team of outdoor living specialists will only recommend features that will best suit your needs and preferences. They will take into account your ideas and suggestions during the design process. They will also consider the various outdoor elements, such as the kind of planting installed, existing hardscape features, and available space.

Our systematic approach helps us create highly customized outdoor living spaces. In fact, we have several projects in Granger, IN that were noted for their unique and awesome designs. These structures were also built using the finest materials that we could find.

Our Recommended Outdoor Living Features

The best thing about hiring us is that we listen to your needs and desires. We always collaborate with clients so we can provide them with the right features and amenities. If there are cases where clients are still clueless about what features to add, our specialists will offer them some great options.

Here are some of the features and amenities that we can design and build:

Outdoor Living Granger, IN
  • Patios. A patio can be an extension of your indoor living. You can make it the perfect spot for relaxation, great family bonding, and other fun activities. We are not surprised why it is one of the most sought-after outdoor living features by Granger homeowners.

  • Water features. The enchanting beauty of water features will make your outdoor space stand out. We can do this by installing ponds, fountains, or waterfalls in strategic areas around your property.

  • Outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen does not only offer convenience but also fun and memorable moments. Let us build your dream outdoor kitchen, and we will make sure that you'll get the features you need. From kitchen islands and premium appliances to kitchen accessories, we can provide them to you.

  • Fire features. You can have a great outdoor living experience if you have a fire pit or fireplace to give you warmth during cold evenings. If you need one, we can make customized designs or install pre-built ones.

Reputable Partner Suppliers

Belgard and Harmony Outdoor Living are just some of our reliable partner suppliers. We choose them as our partners because of their quality products, which are packed with great features, such as modular designs and easy installation. Some of the pre-built products that we highly recommend are fire pits, fireplaces, BBQ grills, kitchen islands, and water amenities. With them as our partners, you are guaranteed of outdoor living amenities that will last a lifetime.

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