Driveways / Pool Decks

Driveways/Pool Decks Who says that driveways and pool decks can’t be attractive? We at Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete beg to disagree.

All throughout our 20 years of servicing commercial and residential property owners from Southwest Michigan to Northern Indiana, we have worked on some of the most stunning pool decks and driveways ever built in the said areas. And if you’re looking forward to have these wonderful outdoor additions for your property, all you have to do is call us today and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Durable and Stunning Paver Driveways

Our company designs and builds stunning driveways that can withstand constant abuse due to heavy vehicle traffic. In fact, our driveway creations are highly praised in the industry for their exceptional strength and durability.

Our secret? We only use high grade paver products in our driveways, like the ones from Unilock, one of our partner suppliers. Specifically, we use two of their paver products, Optiloc and Anchorlock, in the driveway projects that we handle.

The Optiloc, for example, features a unique rectilinear look and feel and boasts of the dual-axis engineering technology that ensures superior strength under high traffic conditions. The good thing about Optiloc is that it can be customized to a specific color and surface. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll be happy to accommodate your requests. Meanwhile, Anchorlock’s L-shape design gives it superior strength, hence effectively providing grip-tight lock. It has six locking sides and is proven to easily support enormous loads without suffering any damage.

All of these wonderful features make up for a truly remarkable material for commercial and residential driveways.

Safe and Attractive Pool Decks

Driveways/Pool Decks The pool decks that we create are guaranteed tough and visually appealing. Using Unilock pavers, we design and build pool deck surfaces that not only look stunning, but are guaranteed skid- and slip-resistant. These are important pool deck features since the pool area is constantly wet and slippery. Choose the wrong surface and you can expect slip and fall accidents to happen, something you surely don’t want to happen to your family, friends, or clients.

Fortunately, we have expert pool builders who can choose the right type of surface for pool decks, hence ensuring the safety of everyone who will take a dip in the pool.

Professional Services, Premium Materials

Here at Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete, we only want the best for our clients; that is why we strive to offer our professional landscaping services at competitive rates. We believe that expert services should be accessible to the greatest number of property owners possible and our rates allow numerous clients to have just that.

Additionally, we ensure that our materials are top notch, hence allowing us to create premium driveways and pool decks with lasting beauty. Thanks to partner suppliers like Unilock and Belgard, we have unlimited access to some of the finest materials for these structures.

For landscape structures that will give you the best value for your hard-earned money, call Decorative Brick Pavers & Concrete today. We will be more than happy to build you the best pool decks and driveways that you can possibly have.
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